About us

Our agency develops and maintains unique software solutions that help companies achieve their business goals. We offer comprehensive solutions – from concept and strategy to design, implementation and support. As a full-service digital agency, we provide a strategic approach to driving qualified traffic. We take pride in our team’s achievements, and you can browse through our case studies for a preview of the quality results we deliver to our clients. As a business owner, your website should work for you. We build affordable, high-performance, lead-generating websites. From design to content, our team will handle it all to give you a turn-key website, from hosting and coding, graphic design to optimization for SEO, integration with social media pages and more!


Web design and web development needs to be engineered with four things in mind: SEO, usability, compelling content and visitor conversion. Website design should be the heart of your Digital marketing strategy generating organic traffic, supported by paid campaigns like PPC and brand awareness in social media. Web design and architecture needs to guide visitors to action: buying, online enquires or direct communication. Out talented designers will ensure that your website is a search engine marketing tool that gives visitors a great user experience and delivers results.

Our team

Our team members have specialized knowledge and skills, they work in parallel, shortening the development schedule of your project.

For every project we set up different web development team, some are larger than others. But here is our basic team:

  • HTML Developer: Writes the HTML that encodes the web pages, also works on the cascading style sheet (CSS) files that determine how the HTML elements look when displayed on the pages.
  • Script Developer: The script developer works on the programming that powers the cool features of the site, usually in JavaScript but sometimes in other programming languages, such as PHP, Java, VBScript, or Perl.
  • Database Developer: In projects that involve databases, a database specialist will be called upon to design the database tables, entity relationships, and queries.
  • Tester: The tester provides a fresh, objective set of eyes, and often specialized testing tools, to test all aspects of the site, from the visual presentation to the scripting and database functionality.
  • Systems Analyst: If the client has complex needs, a systems analyst may be brought in to make sure all the client’s requirements are discovered and documented, so that the developers can design a solution that doesn’t overlook anything or leave design choices to guesswork.
  • User Experience Designer: Sometimes the functional design—the choice of controls to be implemented to realize the client’s requirements—is performed by a user experience designer who is an expert in usability.
  • E-Commerce Specialist: For e-commerce sites, a specialist in a particular e-commerce platform helps to set up the online store, including the product types and categories, the content management system, search engine, promotions, and more.
  • Digital Marketing Specialists: creates a strategy to build and enhance your online visibility through high quality content marketing.
  • Project Manager: For complex projects, a project manager coordinates  the efforts of the other team members and ensure the project is progressing within the planned schedule and budget and that any obstacles are swiftly dealt with.


We’re group of talented and professional developers, designers, digital marketers, social media pros, and SEO specialists. We deliver digital solutions through website design and marketing that include mobile, social, SEO, and paid search campaigns. We create amazing websites with delightful design, flawless functionality and compelling content. If you are professional in this area and looking for job opportunity – send us your CV and portfolio to info@successwebservices.com

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